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Our company acts on many fields of the Internet, we're trying to make the best of the new, developed network capabilities. If you'd like to improve your bussiness we're going to be your partners, and help you find your way through tha world of the WWW.



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Having problems with your member registry?
Can't manage your member information? If this is a common problem for your organisation we can help you! Our experience dealed with member registry of many large organisations. If you have problems managing member data of a similar large comapny or organistaion feel free to contact us, we will help you find the best solution.
You're not yet on the World Wide Web?
Many different books and publications have seen sunlight about the Internet, but all of them have the same opinion, that, it's essential to appear on the Worl Wide Web. We can help you with that! We will help you plan, build and use the site that fits your needs the best, and help your bussiness score a good place on Google (SEO).
You're in tourist bussiness and don't have a booking system yet?

Our company in association with Orfűtours Ltd developed an electornical Booking and Information System (BIS) which has made guest management more thean easy. With the help of the BIS your guests can book their rooms at any time form anywhere so you can improve your room-usage by 20%.
If you are interested in the possibilities of the Internet, please, contact us!

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